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Increase your French Bean yield with Amiran's Mechanically Harvested Variety
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Amiran mechanically Harvested french bean

French bean is one of the Vegetable crops that is largely grown in Kenya for export market.It is grown by both the small scale and large farmers. We have French beans for the export market as well as the canning industry. French bean seeds are in several categories. The extra-fine, the fine and the bobby .Among the categories, there are several varieties .Each market has its preference so the farmer chooses the category and variety depending on the market or end user requirement.

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Amiran Post Harvest: Maintaining the Quality of the Kenyan Floriculture Industry
amiran post harvest

Positioning Kenya as a leader in the floriculture industry includes the production and supply of fresh quality flowers to abroad countries. For these flowers to attain and fit the strict European regulations, the processes from production, handling of the produce after harvest (postharvest) till they get to the European flower market are to be thorough.

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