Amiran, a subsidiary of the Balton CP Group of companies headquartered in the United Kingdom and spread throughout Africa and Israel have joined 618 other companies worldwide by being the first Kenyan company to sign the UN Women Empowerment Principles (WEPs). The event was graced by HE Gil Haskel, Ambassador of the State of Israel to Kenya, Zebib Kavuva, UN Women Country Director, David Reynolds, CEO of the Balton Group , Yariv Kedar Amiran Deputy Managing Director and Representatives from the Ministry of Agriculture among other dignitaries.


Signing on to the principles during the function, Reynolds explained the need for creating a suitable and open environment that respects women rights while uplifting their livelihoods. Reynolds revealed that Amiran clearly understands the important role women play in society and it has been the company’s agenda to make all female employees have a comfortable working environment. Amiran has diligently respected women rights in the work place, by the use of gender sensitive language, measures to support maternal health and reintegrate women returning from maternity leave, the rolling out of flexible working arrangements, and the recognition of the specific status of working parents.

In her statement during the ceremony, Zebib Kavuma, UN Women Country Director congratulated Amiran for their great stride as she called for more companies to follow in Amiran’s footsteps. Zebib went further to explain that the UN Women Principle offer tools to motivate and guide companies as they work to empower women in the work place, market place and the community through policy and action.

Amiran believes that female empowerment through access to modern knowledge; technology and increasing their control over resources will have a profound impact on development.