Teaching the best agricultural practices that promise high returns is the top agenda for Amiran’s participation in agricultural field days and agricultural society shows (ASK) that have been held in different counties with the most recent being the Wambugu Field Day.

Attracting thousands of farmers from different areas, the Wambugu Field, was organized by the leading players in the agricultural sector such as fertilizer and agrochemical companies, seed companies, machinery companies in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture and the Wambugu Training Centre.

During the field day, Amiran extension personnel brought to the community’s doorstep, agricultural innovations that are respected globally. Among others, farmers were presented with Sphinx Extra, a novel fungicide and Levo and Prove top quality insecticides, all introduced into the market by Amiran with the agenda of making farming an enjoyable and easy experience for farmers. In addition to this, farmers gained free professional advice from Amiran agronomists and got to go home with written information on how to appropriately apply all they had learnt.

Presentations by the hosts of the field day, Wambugu Farm, a farm that is already applying Amiran techniques was the main tool that sparked interest and conversations among attendees, for farmers could clearly see the positive outcome the products had on the crop produce. Many attendees expressed their interest and willingness to adopt some of the demonstrated practices. “Hearing experiences first hand from producers applying Amiran’s modern techniques and being able to see them in action is an excellent outreach tool”, said Njoroge Kamau a farmer based in Nyeri.

Such field days also fit well with the fast pace, busy schedule of modern producers who can later communicate with Amiran agronomists and other personnel if they need more details, information or help on how to adopt the innovations they are interested in.

Come learn more on how to increase your farm output using Amiran’s innovations at the ongoing Mombasa ASK Show that has been running from 27th of August till 31st of August.