The Amiran stands at the just ended Meru, Machakos and Nakuru Agricultural Society of Kenya (ASK) Shows tell a story of how willing and eager Kenyan farmers are to educate themselves on new agricultural technologies. Full of enthusiasm and open minds, farmers flocked to enquire how they can improve their crop yields, see and feel technologies designed for small scale farmers, which are sourced from world leaders in agriculture as well as get written information from Amiran brochures and catalogues made available to them at the exhibition.

Working with the ASK shows to push forward the goal of a food secure Kenya through modern innovations, Amiran engaged farmers during the Meru, Machakos and Nakuru trade shows  introducing them to new advancements, improving perceptions and creating positive dialogue about agriculture.


With a growing fan base among the ordinary mwananchi , Amiran has gained popularity ever since the company introduced a range of products especially packaged to meet the need of small and medium scale farmers at pocket friendly prices.

Yariv Kedar, the inventor of the award-winning Amiran Farmers Kit (AFK), a holistic approach to small scale agribusiness states that Amiran has for years now partnered with ASK shows with the aim of bringing knowledge to communities around the country and in Meru, Machakos and Nakuru, giving farmers an opportunity to gain knowledge, table problems experienced at the farm level as well as network with Amiran agronomist. He adds that with the knowledge and modern technology areas like Nakuru, a fast growing agricultural hub have been able to increase yield and produce quality crops while farmers from Meru and Machakos have learned how to produce more with less, using their resources to their benefit.

Offering a long list of technologies and innovations, Amiran has improved livelihoods of Amiran Farmers, making it possible for them to enjoy nutritious fresh produce from their farms and some of the produce commercialized. With these successful innovations Amiran has on numerous occasions been awarded for offering unique demonstration plots fitted with Amiran products such as the AFK, different seed varieties, drip irrigation systems and chemicals and fertilizers among others. This and more has made Amiran emerge first place for  the ‘Best Agro-Seeds Dealers,’ Best Agro-Chemical Stand and the Best stand exhibiting agricultural products that enhance food production and food security’ in the 2013 Meru ASK.

Kedar explains that  Kenya’s agriculture is a vibrant and diverse sector, filled with forward-thinking people who love what they do and for the industry to reach its full potential and to ensure its long-term viability, there is need for farmers to acquire modern knowledge and quality inputs and for farmers to champion agriculture by engaging in more frequent discussions on what is new in the sector– filling in information gaps, responding to misguided perceptions and learning from the success of other farmers, online and offline. Kedar ends saying that Kenya’s agriculture is one of success, promise, challenge and determination. The best evidence can be found with the thousands of Amiran Farmers who have shifted from traditional farming done for survival to agribusiness.