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Balton CP Ltd has a strong commercial presence across Sub Saharan Africa. The owner, CP Holdings Ltd, a British company with international presence, first committed to business in Africa in 1991 through the acquisition of the controlling interest in the Israeli multinational, Koor Industries’ business in the territory. CP Holdings reinforced their commitment to Balton CP in 2012 when the remaining shares in the business were acquired bringing together under one ownership, a group of long established companies with one vision – To develop business in Africa. With its executive and financial base in the UK and through procurement and logistics functions in the UK and Israel, Balton CP drives regional business development and growth through professionally managed subsidiaries established in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Zambia, Ghana and Nigeria. Our local presence in each country is measured in decades and with over 50 years of history in most of these countries, today, we enjoy an enviable reputation for reliability and delivery. Motivated by a passion for empowering the people of Africa and coupled with a pioneering spirit for introducing new, cutting edge technologies and knowledge, Balton CP strives to achieve commercially sustainable development in all its fields of expertise. The company’s focus lies in three main strategic areas: Agriculture, Communication Technology and Electrical Engineering, supported by extensive experience in Project Management throughout Africa. As a leading solutions provider, Balton CP and its subsidiaries are anchored on longstanding relationships and partnerships with some of the world’s leading suppliers and manufacturers in their fields. Led by an experienced team, Balton CP is well known for its ‘turn-key’
projects and for being a ‘one stop shop’ provider, offering our customers and partners a safe, cost effective and professional environment for doing business.

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With a rich history of ‘firsts’ in Africa, Balton CP has always been at the forefront of Africa’s ever-developing agriculture sector, introducing modern technologies such as drip irrigation, greenhouses and soluble fertilizers on the African continent. Successful Balton CP projects include installation of bulk handling equipment, grain storage, coffee and cocoa processing and feed mills. We supply and maintain tractors, harvesters and implements in specific markets and remain a leader in the provision of expert agronomy services, constantly assessing grower requirements for seeds, fertilizers and agrochemicals, providing fast and cost effective solutions to those who rely on us. In recent years Balton CP has pioneered a new approach towardsAfrica’s small scale farmers. The introduction of the award winning Amiran Farmers Kit (AFK), a holistic agribusiness unit, coupling modern technology with training and agro-support has the potential to dramatically improve the lives of millions. This initiative, which has been embraced in over 20 countries in Sub-Saharan Africa, has been a catalyst for new and emerging partnerships between Balton CP and Governments, donors, NGOs, foundations, financeBalton CP arrow and micro-finance institutions, schools, institutions of higher learning and research bodies, creating a new and more harmonized private-sector driven approach to one of Africa’s main issues – food insecurity. Balton CP recognizes the significance of introducing and maintaining sustainability in its approach to Agribusiness.


Using state of the art equipment from many of the leading manufacturers in the world today, Balton CP offers a wide range of ICT solutions to its ever growing customer base. Through its subsidiaries, Balton CP focuses its activities in 4 main areas: Security, Networking, Connectivity and Power and has led the successful implementation of complex projects and installations in Airports, Banks, Utility Companies, commercial offices and hotels. We have supported the extensive infrastructure development of Phone and Internet providers. Our delivery and maintenance of integrated communication capability to the Oil and Gas sector across Africa is seen as mission critical by key players. Balton CP is a complete ICT solution Integrator with the widest range of experience and expertise enabling delivery of advanced and cost effective solutions to our customers. Our commitment to after sales service empowers our partners and customers with the knowledge, skills and support to maintain any system 24/7. Inspired by a drive to constantly upgrade the technologies introduced in Africa, in recent years, Balton CP has fully supported the introduction of technology-rich data centers throughout Africa. Our pro-active approach has ensured the world’s most advanced cyber-security software is available in the African market


While electrical infrastructure continues to develop and improve across Africa, Balton CP has emerged as a leader in this field addressing the diverse power requirements of the continent. Able to supply electrical generation and distribution equipment and switchgear of the highest quality, the company’s skilled engineers install and maintain an extensive range of machinery and equipment, which often requires round the clock support. Alternative power solutions are an integral part of Balton CP’s electrical engineering activities, representing global leaders, which allow the company to offer environmentally friendly ‘green’ solutions to our customers in the area of power and solar water heating. Staying at the forefront in the introduction of modern technological solutions, Balton CP is developing partnerships and expertise in order to deliver advanced Building Management Systems. These systems often require integration with other solutions, either previously in place or newly provided by Balton CP such as electrical back up solutions or environmental control systems


Balton CP applies multidisciplinary skills across its wide range of activities to successfully plan, implement and manage
turnkey projects. Priding ourselves on our ability to offer end-to-end solutions for even the most complex problem, Balton CP has pioneered many, first of their kind, projects across Sub Saharan Africa. Balton CP’s project management history is a story of leadership coupled with a result driven approach. Successful projects include the development of water treatment facilities and supply schemes, electrical power generation and pumping facilities, radio communication networks, grain storage and handling facilities, complete flower and horticultural growing facilities, and intricate data base and multifaceted security projects. Solutions provided by Balton CP have contributed greatly to the establishment of many new businesses throughout the region and have allowed the group to work together with its customers and partners to lead the development of advanced infrastructure based on cutting edge solutions throughout Africa. Balton CP brings together teams of international professionals and supply partners. Anchored on a talented family of employees from all over Africa, we are able to adapt some of the world’s most advanced technologies to suit the diverse cultures and environmental challenges of Africa. We pride ourselves on our ability to tailor ‘African Solutions to African Problems’.

Balton Uganda

The youngest of the Balton CP subsidiaries, Balton Rwanda has since its inception in 2007, established itself as
a powerful force within Rwanda’s ever growing markets

Balton Tanzania

Since independence in 1963, Balton Tanzania has been a leader in the Agriculture and Communications markets in Tanzania.

Dizengoff Ghana

The oldest of the Balton CP subsidiaries, Dizengoff Ghana has been an active player in Ghana’s bustling economy since 1957.


Dizengoff Nigeria

With a significant and historical presence throughout Africa’s largest economy, Dizengoff Nigeria maintains offices and stores in Lagos, Abuja, Ibadan and Port Harcourt, focused on offering advanced solutions in the areas of agriculture and communications.

Amiran Zambia

In Zambia for over 50 years, today, Amiran Zambia is synonymous with agricultural excellence, positioned as a leading supplier of agricultural inputs, agronomy advice and irrigation solutions.

Amiran Communication

From solely representing Motorola Israel in 1995, Amiran Communications has diversified its activities, emerging as.