Improve yields, Reduce Costs and Conserve the Environment with Amiran Plastic Mulch


Continually improving its range of agricultural innovations to suit the ever changing global environmental conditions and European floriculture markets regulations, Amiran introduced the Amiran Plastic Mulch, an effective, safe generation product from Ginegar Limited, the world’s 2nd largest producer of plastic.Brought into the country at a time when the agricultural sector was challenged with water shortages due to the 2007-8 drought that hit most parts of the country, Amiran Plastic Mulch has helped farmers to save on cost and conserve water resources with its numerous benefits.Amiran Plastic Mulch can be used by both floriculture and horticulture growers to;
  • Attain higher and better yields
  • Reducing evaporation thus reduced irrigation
  • Providing excellent environment for roots development (darkness +oxygen) in the upper surface
  • Control soil temperature, heat, cool
  • Acts as savoir during rainfall by preventing water logging on the beds and by controlling soil erosion
  • Keeps the soil moisture l Reducing weeds that compete with your crop for water
  • Reduced labour

Peter Gachire, Production Manager Baraka Roses in Nakuru, explains that with the Amiran Plastic Mulch the farm has improved the quality of roses produced while at the same time reducing cost of production for the plastic mulch prevents fungal diseases by 30-40%, resulting into reduced use of chemicals by upto 9%. “I am proud to say that with the reduced cost of production we have seen a major improvement in our profit margin. In addition, Baraka roses is playing a part in environmental conservation with reduced water usage.”, says Peter.

Adding to this Lillian Warinda, Sales Manager Agro Project Division Amiran Kenya states that “What is impressive with this product, is the unique characteristics of Ginegar’s cover film that ensures greater durability, controlled resistance to hostile weather conditions, controlled light penetration, better dust resistance and reduced pest activity all working to help the farmer improve the quality of the yields produced.

Kariki Farm Group in Naivasha (Hamwe) is also enjoying the benefits of the Amiran Plastic Mulch, Peter Kamwaro, the farm’s production manager states that prior to using the product the farm incurred a lot production challenges due to the clay soils which flooded during rainy seasons. Peter continues to explain that the Plastic Mulch acts as savoir during rainfall by preventing water logging on the beds, keeps the shape of the bed intact, reduced pests an control weeds which has resulted to the farm saving on labor by 60%.