Example of Amiran Large – Scale Irrigation system Project

KISCOL(Kwale International Sugar Co. Ltd)

Kwale International Sugar Company Ltd (KISCOL) is a 5500Ha sugarcane project which is done with sub surface drip irrigation. This project is being installed in conjunction with Netafim Ltd, Israel who are experts in irrigation systems and have done various Sugarcane irrigation projects all over the world for example:- Peru – 8000Has.

Kwale Project

1. 2011 – 850 Has

2. 2012 – 4500 Has

Also under this project Amiran Kenya Ltd has taken to construct the biggest Bulk Water Supply system for Kwale which will benefit in storage of water and irrigation of the sugarcane in the area

Projects Done with Amiran and Red Cross Society

  • Kurungu, Samburu – 20.64HA
  • Kibwezi, – 29.5Ha
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  • Walda, Garissa - 25Ha
  • Dertu, Garissa -25Ha
  • Demajaley, Garissa - 8Ha