Recently introduced into the Kenyan Flower Sector, Difference 250EC is geared towards the management of Powdery Mildew and Botrytis in Roses with many flower farms already reaping and enjoying the benefits of the high quality product from Agriphar, a World leader in the formulation of crop protection products in several niche markets.

Kenyan greenhouse rose growers continue to face challenges in managing powdery mildew and botrytis (Botrytis cinerea) due to their wide distribution in the region and destructive nature. Timely application of fungicides remain the principal method of controlling these fungal diseases despite attempts to use other strategies including reduction of the primary inoculums by removing infected shoots, crop sanitation and environmental manipulation .

The intensive use of fungicides may however, result in the development of resistance to the available fungicidal products. Broad spectrum and systemic products such as Difference 250EC with both preventive and curative actions against fungal infections might be more effective in combating the diseases.

With trials carried out, Amiran agronomists compared Difference 250EC rates of 0.375L/ha, 0.5L/ha and 0.625L/ha with another fungicide at rate of 0.5L/ha (reference product) and water (blank treatment) in a randomized complete block design experiment with 4 replications to determine its efficacy on the control of powdery mildew and botrytis in greenhouse rose ‘Athena’. Difference 250EC at all the tested rates suppressed powdery mildew to significantly lower levels than the reference product at 0.5L/ha and blank treatment after the second application. Generally, application of Difference 250EC at 0.5L/ha and 0.625L/ha resulted in significantly lower percent disease index (PDI) of powdery mildew than Difference 250EC at 0.375L/ha. The high rates of Difference 250EC also reduced the number of roses stems infected by botrytis to significantly lower levels than the blank treatment during certain weeks of the experiment. Difference 250EC application at all the tested rates increased the yield of marketable rose stems. No phytotoxicity was observed during the experiment. These results confirm that Difference 250EC is highly effective on powdery mildew and exhibits great potentials on botrytis control.

Difference 250EC has already been implemented in numerous farms and is going a long way in placing Rose produce to be of EU standard, placing them a step above their competition and increasing their sales.